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Welcome to Convention 2019! Let´s Dance 2019 in Örebro!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was ratified in 2016 and immediately became law. Enforcement commenced 25th May 2018.

We are therefore obliged to inform you about the registration of personal data and ask for your consent for registration of the personal data needed to process your registration for Convention 2019.


Personal data is registered for processing advance registrations to Convention 2019.
The data is used for:

  • Contacting the contact person if and when needed
  • Registration of payment
  • Handling tickets for participation, food and other preordered items
  • Creating statistics for the disposition of dancehalls and other venues, and the ordering of food and other items from our suppliers

Registered data

For the contact person (The person who fills in the registration)
The data we need to:

  • Confirm the booking
  • Give you information about the booking
  • Contact you about the booking or about events of importance to participants
For all participants
  • Data about dance level and club
  • Data about dancing days and preordered food and other arrangements

Requests for information

You have the right to request all the information we register about you and the participants you register.
The data will only be available to and used by the persons in Örebro Squaredancers and SAASDC who need the data to fulfill their tasks.
The personal data you give us will not in any way be given to any third party for marketing or other purposes.

Erasure of personal data

You can whenever you want to request to have your personal data erased. Erasure means that the booking is removed for the individual dancer or for all the dancers booked by the contact person.

By clicking "Register here" I accept the registration and use of personal data as described above for me and the participants I register for Convention 2019.
I also certify that I have obtained approval of registration of personal data by the participants I register.

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